Thursday, 16 June 2016

A journey called Marriage

Marriage is the joining of two people in a bond that putatively lasts until death!
It's a word that brings excitement, nervousness and gives an adrenaline rush to couple getting married. A commitment for a lifetime!
A vow that unites two souls and their family, an emotional and blissful journey for the bride and her parents. 
From marriage comes a heap of responsibility, tons of expectations, a bond that binds two souls forever 

There is distinct emotions bride go through while about to get married, at one moment she is giddy and next anxious
 & disinterested. She is introduced into the incredibly wonderful and wacky world of weddings. She has to look the best for her once in a lifetime event, has to make sure she doesn't leave any stone unturned. She chooses everything best for her and more importantly, she invest lots of time in choosing her wedding outfit which is the most important part and a treasure filled with emotions and later on becoming a memory to cherish. For her, it is an nostaligically emotional yet enthusiastic moment as she has to leave her parents house and enter a new space. There is a lot of adjustment, sacrifice, compromise at the same time positively looking forward to share each and every big and small thing with a new person, it's about making a new family, letting someone enter your personal space and start a new beginning. There are lot's of expectations and hopes from her better half, the new family and even she tries to live up to the expectations of her extended family!

Apart from enjoying his big day and looking the best, he has to make sure that all the arrangements are perfect and he lives to everyone's expectation especially the bride and her family. For him it is freaking out yet a happy and new experience wherein he has to make sure he doesn't let his better half down in any sense, he has to make sure he makes everything comfortable for her. He has to assure her parents, that their beloved daughter is in the safest hands and will stand by her every through thick and thin, every up and down and through every sorrow and happiness of life. There is a sea of emotions for him as well
He needs to win her trust and try to make her believe that she will be his princess forever. He has to confide her that he shall take care of her each and every needs and demand, he has to make sure he doesn't let her down in any way. He has to love her in every possible way. He has to make this journey worthwhile (added)

And thus, the journey filled with joys, emotions, smiles & tears, fights and hugs begins..